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The Advantages of TIG Welding
The Advantages of TIG Welding

1. It’s an Extremely Versatile Process

What do we mean by this exactly? Well, to put it in simplest terms, TIG welding can be used to weld more metal and alloys than any other process out there. This process can be used to weld materials such as steel, nickel alloys, bronze, copper, magnesium and even gold! If you’re looking to work on projects that involve lawnmowers, fenders, bike frames and door handles, chances are this welding process is the one you need to be utilizing.

2. Produce Precise, Good Quality Welds

When you decide to choose a TIG welder over any other machine, you are given the absolute best arc and puddle control possible. This in turn creates clean results that soar in quality. Since all of the heat control is most commonly controlled by a foot pedal, TIG welding gives you the ability to either heat up or cool down the weld puddle, ensuring you have precise beading control. Because of this, TIG welding is perfect for projects that involve cosmetic welds or welds that require detail such as automotive parts. In addition to the benefits above, TIG welding also provides:

– No spatter or sparks: Since only the required amount of filler is put into the welding puddle, no sparks or spatter will be produced (as long as the metal workpiece itself is clean).

– Zero flux or slag: Since the argon gas keeps the weld protected from any sort of contamination, a flux is not needed for this welding process. When you use TIG welding, there is no slag that gets in the way of your puddle.

– No fumes or smoke: As long as the metal being welded on does not include lead, oil, zinc, grease or paint, there will be zero smoke or fumes. To ensure this is always the case, however, be sure to follow proper protocol and clean your base metals before welding.

3. Only One Shielding Gas Needed

Since argon can be utilized in TIG welding to create all types of good welding results regardless of a metal’s type or thickness, you’ll only need one gas in your shop to do all of the hard work! Matter of fact, most TIG welding applications use argon gas anyway.

4. Weld in Any Position You’d Like

Do you want to weld in a certain position but other welding processes forbid you from doing so due to their fall in quality? Well, no need to worry about that with TIG welding as this process can be welded in nearly all positions! Whether flat, overhead, vertical or horizontal, as long as you’re using the right techniques you will get a quality welding result every single time.

Let Our Team Help

If you have been looking to find welding machines for your project and are struggling to find the ideal products, no need to worry any further because we here at Canaweld can help! With our wide range of different machines, tools and safety equipment, you can choose from hundreds of items that excel in quality and provide you with the welding job you’ve been looking for. To learn more about our TIG welders, be sure to contact us at (416) 548-5650 today! We look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we possibly can.