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Everything You Need to Know About Air Arc Gouging

Everything You Need to Know About Air Arc GougingEver wondered what air arc gouging is? Maybe you’re interested in how the process works and what results it yields? Regardless of what you’re wondering about this type of technique, our welding supply store at Canaweld would like to answer all of the questions you may have by talking about the ins and outs of arc gouging.

What is it?

Arc gouging is a welding process that people use across a wide variety of different industries and fields of work. Known as carbon arc gouging, but commonly referred to as air arc gouging, this technique is often chosen for material removal. This is due to its portability and efficiency, making the process of removing material that much simpler. In other cases, gouging can be used for things such as weld joint design.

Am I Able To Gouge in Constant Voltage Mode?

This is entirely possible, but it is important to note that your penetration profile will be much shallower and wider than it would be if you used constant current mode. Even with the CV process providing great benefits performance-wise, most welders will often opt to choose CC for this type of process as it offers a consistent result with a deeper and neater trough. 

What Size Electrode Should I Use?

Electrodes for gouging are available in a number of different sizes, so knowing what your machine is capable of is crucial to find the right sized electrode and ensure you’re not using one that’s too big. The best way to figure out what your machine can withstand is by looking at the manual or spec sheet, as they will most commonly specify the electrode diameter ranges you can use. 

In general, electrode size should be around an eighth of an inch smaller than the desired width of the groove. It is important to note that the limit of your power source has an effect that can possibly minimize the maximum size of electrode you can use. When in doubt, you can always get amperage ratings from the electrode’s manufacturer to make sure you’ve got the right size electrode. 

What Machine(s) Should I Use for This Process?

In many ways, gouging is very similar to a process like stick or MIG welding. Just like these methods, machines with gouging modes & capabilities are best suited for implementing this type of welding process. If in doubt, always refer to the manual to see how you can setup the gouging mode on your machine. 

A dedicated gouge mode in a machine will help keep the arc constantly lit, and in turn, make it much easier to handle. If a gouge mode is not present in your machine, the arc constantly going out can be complicated and extremely annoying for any welder using this process.

How Our Team Can Help

Looking for machines that can help make this process easy? If so, we here at Canaweld can help. In our shop, our Multiprocess 5001 and 6001 machines both come with built in gouging process so you can go about your air arc gouging with ease, convenience and efficiency. To learn more about our welding machines and other supplies, be sure to call us at (416) 548-5650 today!