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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 101

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 101Long before this type of welding was introduced, inert gas shielded arc welding was revealed almost sixty years ago. Back then, barely anyone would have ever imagined the huge transformation in welding techniques we have today. They have truly changed the industry for the better and have given welders around the world the opportunity to work on a large variety of different projects at a faster, more effective pace because of it. Here at Canaweld, we would like to explain some of the ins and outs of gas tungsten arc welding.

A General Overview

Gas tungsten arc welding (also known as TIG welding) is one of the greatest ways to produce fusion welds with the highest quality results. Since the temperature generated within this arc is around 4000 degrees celsius, the role the electrode plays is considered very important. Over the last fifty years, there have been a few papers based upon the science of tungsten electrodes and their use/performance, some good and some bad. Depending on the paper, people will either advocate for it or highlight a few of the hazards that come along with it. A lot of the work about this subject is contradictory, to say the least.

How Are The Electrodes Manufactured?

Electrodes are produced by utilizing what’s known as a metallurgical process. During this process, powder is compressed and then sintered at high temperatures to make rods. Oxide additives are put in along with the other materials prior to forming, however some products (such as composite electrodes) are made with a tungsten core and  an oxide coating on the outside. After this, the rods are treated with heat and reduced in diameter to align with market standards so they are ready to be released. 

Things To Consider With Welding Quality

The welding electrode plays a big part in making sure the procedure stays consistent, as it affects the overall stability of the arc. Of course, low cost tungsten and oxide doped tungsten electrodes are being sold, but that does not mean they are of good quality. In most cases, almost all the cheap options out there lack overall in quality and effectiveness. 

Storage of TIG Welder

Our team recommends that you create a dedicated storage unit for this type of machinery. With people who use this welding technique less commonly, this could be something as minimal as a metal cabinet but for people who use it more often, a separate room is recommended and much more suitable. Regardless of your situation, the cabinet/room walls should be enough to offer proper protection against any external gamma radiation.

How Should a TIG Welder be Used?

Local exhaust ventilation and respiratory aids should always be used when electrode tip grinding is carried out. This is also the case when any surface dust needs to be removed via a vacuum cleaning, especially when one uses thoria doped electrodes (as they constitute a health risk). Alternatively, oxide doped electrodes are considered safer. 

How We Can Help

If you are in need of high quality TIG Welding products, then you’ve come to the right place. We here at Canaweld sell amazing products so you can see all of your welding projects through — big or small. Our experienced team also provides you with the best customer support out there, making sure you receive only the best advice and help about welding materials & devices. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, be sure to call our team at (416) 548-5650 today!