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How to Best Utilize Your Plasma Cutter

best utilize plasma cutterIf you’ve purchased a plasma cutter, chances are you bought it for a specific purpose with everything else being an afterthought. Did you know, however, that there are certain ways to maximize your plasma cutters potential and make it function at its best and most versatile? Here at Canaweld, we would like to go into detail about how to make the most out of this miraculous machine, as well as what type of equipment to use and how to go about it.

Use Tips

Tips are a great way to focus on the plasma stream and make your welding much more precise. In order to lengthen their lifespan, tips should always be paired to your machines power settings that you decide to use. A more low-amperage tip is better to use on thinner material, as the settings need to be set quite low. One thing you should never do is use a low-amp tip whilst using a higher power setting. If you were to use a 40-amp tip on an 80-amp setting, for example, the tip opening would become misshaped and need to be replaced. You shouldn’t do it the other way as well — as using an 80-amp tip on lower settings will not focus the plasma stream properly. 

When you’ve chosen the right tip for the power setting you intend on using, you can expect to get about two hours of constant cutting time (when you use dry, clean air & make longer cuts). If you touch the tip to the work piece, it will decrease its lifespan and make it work for a shorter amount of time. The distance we recommend is a ⅛ distance between the workpiece and the tip. This way, you will ensure a constant, clean result and a longer tip lifespan.

Travel Speed

It is always important to know everything you need to know about travel speed. Most owner manuals include a chart comparing a materials thickness to travel speed (measured by inches per minute). In general, the faster you decide to move, the cleaner your cut will come out (this is especially true when it comes to aluminium). For more thicker types of materials, you will want to make sure that your machine is set to a full output with an adjusted travel speed. On the flip side, make sure your amperage is turned down when working with thinner materials.

If you are travelling at the right speed then the arc should exit whatever material you’re working with at a 15-20 degree angle. If it’s going straight down, you’re moving too slow. This decrease in speed will cause build up of slag or dross, which isn’t something any welder wants. On the other hand, if you travel too fast, metal will begin to spray back up into the tip. Finding the perfect travel speed for your material is crucial in maintaining the proper cut.
best utilize plasma cutter machine

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