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How To Improve Welding Safety

improve welding safetyIn order to work like a professional welder, you will need to follow safety procedures like one as well. This way, you max out your effectiveness, efficiency and most important of all, keep you and the others around you safe.

Improper welding techniques can lead to serious injury or worse, so you will want to be certain you are taking every safety measure possible to do this job. Here at Canaweld, we have come up with some important tips to keep in mind when welding safely.

Read The Manual

Most people with experience assume using a new machine should be a cakewalk. This is the farthest thing from the truth, however, as every machine can come equipped with a new set of rules, device features, and safety additions. It is important that you know everything you can about your machine in order to avoid any issues that could put you in harm’s way.

The best way to do this is by reading the manual that comes with your device. Everything you will need to know about the machine/equipment product is in this book. If you have misplaced or damaged the manual, don’t stress too much and contact the manufacturer for a new one. Make sure you also let others who use the machine read the manual as well. When all is said and one, this one important step will make sure everyone can use the machine in a safe and proper manner (in addition to their prior experience and education, of course).

Wear The Right Equipment!

safety welding tipsUsing a welding machine opens the risk of possibly catching fire or burning yourself, so it is important you are fully clothed with the right equipment. Sparks from a welding machine can get into open pockets, pant cuffs or down a shirt that isn’t fully zipped or buttoned. A professional welder will avoid clothing that has these features, and opt for a welding jacket instead. They will wear denim pants that are not cuffed, and most often leather shoes to reduce the risk of them catching fire. A leather apron is also worn, as well as safety glasses to protect the eyes, welding gloves to protect the hands, and an industrial grade darkening helmet to keep the face and eyes safe from any infrared rays and sparks. Being extra safe also means wearing a bandana to keep the hair out of their face and prevent it from catching fire.

The best materials to wear when welding are flame resistant cloth, pigskin leather or some kind of combination of the two. Certain types of gloves can be found for certain types of projects as well — an example being TIG & MIG gloves that provide more dexterity.

Breathe Safely

All of the smoke and fumes that are emitted during a welding session can be a serious health hazard if you are not protecting yourself properly. In order to keep yourself safe, always use an exhaust hood when you’re working within a confined area. When you work in a tight space, it is much easier for smoke & fumes to accumulate and affect your health — installing an exhaust hood ensures the bad air is being cleaned out so you can breathe the good air. Certain devices will require specific respiratory gear, so be sure that you always check the manual before operating. 

How We Can Help

No matter what, you want to read all the manuals carefully for the equipment and devices you own to ensure safe execution. Let it be known that the advice we provide is simply additional help, and should not be followed on its own without the help from official guidelines.

If you are in need of quality welding machines, equipment etc. to see your welding projects through, we here at Canaweld can help. With a wide selection of tools and machines and a team who is experienced and ready to help answer any of your questions, your experience with our store will be enjoyable and easy to navigate. To learn more about our welding supply store, be sure to call us at (416) 548-5650 today!