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MIG vs TIG: Which One is Best?

When it comes to welding, there are a number of techniques you can implement for your next project. Two of the most common processes are known as MIG welding and TIG welding. While they both operate under a very similar principle, they remain unique as they have their own sets of features that can benefit certain types of projects. If you’re struggling to decide between which one is better for your project, we here at Canaweld can help.

TIG Welding

tig weldingTIG welding is an extremely versatile way to weld. It uses what is known as non-consumable tungsten electrodes to heat the metal, and the great part about this method is that it can be used with or without a filter.

Even with these benefits, this process does come with its drawbacks. Compared to its counterpart MIG welding, TIG welding is a lot slower in most cases, resulting in longer lead times and larger production costs. People who weld with this method will also need to be certain they are fully certified and trained in order to achieve the right precision with this process. Even so, TIG welding offers stellar control meaning you have a much better chance of producing a strong, precise and beautiful weld no matter what.

MIG Welding

mig welding

Whereas TIG welding is often used for thinner, smaller materials, MIG welding is used for the opposite. Performed on larger, thicker materials, MIG welding employs a consumable wire that acts as the filler material as well as the electrode.

When you compare this method to TIG welding in terms of speed, MIG is much faster in general. This means less production costs, shorter lead times and easier method to learn overall. Even with all of these benefits, the one large negative that comes with MIG welding is that it is not nearly as precise as TIG. They are also not as strong or as clean as TIG welds.

Let Our Company Help

When you want only the best welding machines, tools and safety equipment, we here at Canaweld have exactly what you’ve been looking for. With such a wide variety in products, all on SALE for an amazing deal and assembled right here in Canada, why look anywhere else for your welding needs? To learn more about our welding supply shop, be sure to call us at (416) 548-5650 today!