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Push-Pull Gun PM300 Series

As successful aluminum welding requires a stable arc, a Pull (Push-Pull) MIG gun ensures a steady, consistent, and reliable wire feeding for soft wires like aluminum or brazing wires, even at long feeding distances. This welding gun has been specially designed to weld thin aluminum wires, allowing for reliable wire feeding, even with long cables on the gun. With the least amount of frictional loss, the optimal wire feed is made possible by a heavy duty, powerful pull motor that allows precise speed control.

Available models :

Push-Pull Gun PM300 TE
Push-Pull Gun PM300 TE

Part Number : CWUGPTW300-24-20E
MSRP : $2,880.00 CAD

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The PM300 Series Pull (Push-Pull) MIG guns are 300A, air-cooled, and lightweight. They are well-balanced, with a dual groove drive roll, and are designed for easy and reliable aluminum wire feeding. These guns can be used with a variety of CV power sources and engine-driven welders. The design of these pull (push-pull) guns ensures a reduction in the production time by avoiding wasted time to solve common problems with the gun during aluminum welding. In addition to vehicles and train carriages, these welding guns are primarily utilized in building ships, containers, tanks, trucks, and etc. These pull (push-pull) guns are commonly used in situations where accurate and continuous wire feeding is necessary.

PM300 Series pull (push-pull) Mig guns have been designed to work with the wires that are difficult to feed through the standard MIG gun. These guns can be used for stainless steel, flux-cored, and thin solid wires, however, they are most commonly used for aluminum and brazing wires measuring 0.03, 0.035, 0.040, and 0.047in. Furthermore, the neck of the gun can be easily rotated 360 degrees and is simply replaceable. The design of this pull (push-pull) gun reduces the maintenance and production time by allowing easy access to the drive rollers and performing routine maintenance without disassembling the gun.

  • Rotatable 360 degrees gun neck and its simple replacement for maintenance.
  • Possibility of using threaded or slip-on gas nozzles.
  • Easy access to the drive roll tension and pressure lever on the pull gun handle.
  • Impact-resistant handle that encased a durable motor.
  • Optimal cooling for extended gun life.
  • Ideal for medium and Heavy-duty industries because of its powerful 24VDC motor.
  • A specially designed cable possessing outstanding flexibility with the highest degree of heat and abrasion resistance according to the relevant standards.
  • Technical specification
    Welding Output: 300A CO2 270A Mixed Gas at 60% Duty Cycle
    Recommended Wire Diameter: For Aluminum wire: 0.030″ to 1/16″ (0.8 to 1.6 mm)
    For Brazing wire: 0.030” to 1/16” (0.8 to 1.6 mm)
    For Flux Cored wire: 0.030” to 1/16” (0.8 to 1.6 mm)
    For Solid wire: 0.030” to 0.040” (0.8 to 1.2 mm)
    Recommended Gas Flow: For 1/2″ (12.8 mm) nozzle bore 22-27 CHF (11-13 l/min)
    For 5/8″ (16.0 mm) nozzle bore 30-35 CHF (14-17 l/min)
    For 3/4″ (19.0 mm) nozzle bore 30-40 CHF (14-19 l/min)
    Motor Voltage: 24 Volt DC
    Head and Nozzle style: Tweco® Style
    Copper Cable Length: 20 ft /6 m
    Central Connector type: Euro connector


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