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The TIG AC/DC 201 Pulse D is a powerful, portable and versatile welding machine. This unit is capable of either AC or DC TIG welding (stainless, mild steel and aluminum) or Stick welding. The pulse features of this machine combined with the HF start makes it the ideal choice for welders looking to perform high quality TIG welding on very thin materials with no distortion.

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Available models :

TIG AC/DC 201 PULSE-D, Silver package
TIG AC/DC 201 PULSE-D, Silver package
Basic Model without Foot Pedal

Part Number : PLC2380151
Canaweld Price $2,198.00 CAD
MSRP : $2,298.00 CAD
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TIG AC/DC 201 PULSE-D, Gold package
TIG AC/DC 201 PULSE-D, Gold package
Premium Model with Foot Pedal

Part Number : PLC2380152
Canaweld Price $2,498.00 CAD
MSRP : $2,598.00 CAD
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  • AC/DC including all pulse parameters of TIG welding machine.
  • Tested in (104°F/40°C), designed for the toughest conditions.
  • Excellent welding quality of Aluminum, Stainless Steel and other material.
  • Ability to weld very thin materials especially aluminum.
  • Digital control of all welding parameters: Pre-Flow, Starting Current, Slope-Up, Welding current, Base current, Pulse Duration, Pulse frequency, Slope-Down, Crater arc current, Post Flow, AC Frequency, AC Balance Low energy consumption.
  • Generator compatible design.
  • Excellent welding characteristics in Stick mode with the most common rod in the market. (Electrodes 6010 and 6011 series are not recommended)
  • Digital ammeter and Hold Function of the last read value.
  • Automatic fan ensuring protection against overheating saving energy and less dust/debris entering the machine.
  • Adjustable Arc Force in Stick mode.
  • Metal face panel.
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty.

Process TIG Stick TIG Stick
Input Voltage, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz 208 to 240 V(±10%) 105 to 120 V(±10%)
Primary Current@Max Welding Current AC 20.6 A 23.8 A 25.7 A 26.7 A
DC 22.3 A 26 A 28 A 27 A
Maximum Primary Effective Current (I1 eff max) AC 15.3 A 17.3 A 19 A 21.3 A
DC 11.3 A 15.6 A 21 A 19.1 A
Welding Current Range AC 10 – 200 A 10 – 170 A 10 – 140 A 10 – 100 A
DC 5 – 200 A 5 – 170 A 5 – 140 A 5 – 100 A
Welding Current and related Duty Cycle in 104° F (40° C) AC 200 A, 30% 170 A, 40% 140 A, 40% 100 A, 40%
170 A, 60% 140 A, 60% 120 A, 60% 90 A, 60%
160 A, 100% 130 A, 100% 110 A, 100% 80 A, 100%
DC 200 A, 20% 170 A, 20% 140 A, 35% 100 A, 35%
130 A, 60% 120 A, 60% 120 A, 60% 80 A, 60%
120 A, 100% 110 A, 100% 110 A, 100% 70 A, 100%
Duty Cycle @ Maximum Welding Current in 104° F (40° C) AC 30% 40% 40% 40%
DC 20% 20% 35% 35%
Welding Current @ 100% Duty Cycle in 104° F (40° C) AC 160 A 130 A 110 A 80 A
DC 110 A 110 A 110 A 70 A
Pulse Functions AC Pre Flow, Starting Current, Upslope, Welding current, Base current, Pulse Duration,
Pulse frequency, Downslope, Crater arc current, Post Flow, AC Frequency, AC Balance
Pulse Functions DC Pre Flow, Starting Current, Upslope, Welding current, Base current, Pulse Duration,
Pulse frequency, Downslope, Crater arc current, Post Flow
Weight : lb. (Kg) 29 lb. (13 kg)
Dimensions Including Handle (D, W, H) : inch (mm) 20 x 7 x 13 inch (510 X 180 X 330 mm)


Area of Use

  • Aerospace
  • Aluminum Industries
  • Automotive Parts and Bodies
  • Passenger Car Industries
  • Training school
  • Metal Building
  • Medical Industries
  • Railcar
  • Boat/Yacht
  • Shipbuilding
  • Light Fabrication
  • Food Industries and High Purity Processing
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Installation
  • Restoring
  • Maintenance and repair-field operation
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Civil Construction
  • Infrastructure & roofing
  • Work/Service Trucks
  • Farm and Ranch

Weldable Metals

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Moly
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Virtually any metal

11 reviews for TIG AC/DC 201 PULSE-D

  1. Greg Kokas

    Fantastic little machine! Lots of great features in a compact package. Great quality accessories and equipment included with it. Very happy!

  2. Greg McDermid

    I really appreciate all the help today. The honest, open and straight forward way you deal with customers. It is extremely refreshing not to have to dealing with sales guy who knows nothing about their product or how it works. Great job keep it up.

  3. Julio

    Super strong machine, robust and easy to transport. the cable and the TIG torch are of very good quality.
    I am very happy with my purchase.

    I highly recommend this welder !!

  4. Richard Glaus

    After doing months of research and looking at everything available in a tig machine that was out there,( I read and watch every thing I could get a hold of ) I finally made up my mind to purchase the ac/dc 201 pulse D machine on October 18 2020 . Boy am I glad I did, This machine has all the features and more then the big name brand types at a fraction of the cost.
    Its been nearly 30 years since I did any Tig welding and within 4 to 6 hours of playing around, I was laying beads / stacking dimes just like the pros. I highly recommend getting the foot pedal with it at the same times, as it helped me get a better handle on controlling the heat.

    The customer service at Canaweld is amazing, I noted that the protective sheave on the torch had a scuff mark and a small hole in it ( which was merely just a cosmetic thing )but they sent me out a new torch assembly right away at no cost.

    I’m sure glad I went with them, It feels good to buy Canadian and have the product exceed your expectations and know that they back their products 100%.. Once I can convince my wife that I need some more equipment for my shop, I will be making more purchases from Canaweld. Good job guys,

  5. Alexis Lamarche

    I have been looking for months for an affordable and quality tig welder and the 201 pulse D seemed to be the best choice.
    this is my first inverter machine,I really like all the features and settings.
    the pusle mode is just amazing it make me weld alot better and easier. I really like the size of the machine it don’t take too much space in the shop and its very light weight which is awesome when you need to take it somewhere with you. Its very pleasant that you can plug it in a 110v plug.
    and to conclude, the customer service at canaweld is very good and helpful.
    I definitely recommend this welder

  6. Corey

    Great machine with a ton of features and easy to use. I don’t have much welding experience and 0 experience with a tig… But after some time with Google reading up on the settings I was welding mild steel and aluminum! Great customer service and great machine.. Buy it!

  7. Matt Halpin

    Did alot of research, and finally narrowed it down to the Tig AC DC 201 Pulse D. The fact that this extremely portable, lightweight and versatile machine was also capable of welding virtually every metal on the planet, was where the sold button got pushed for me. The size of the machine is perfect, even with an 80′ x 120′ building, space is always an issue. I built a rolling cart that houses this machine, reels for the cables, all the consumables, the rods and the bottle. I was also very very happy to find one made in Canada. Makes every thing easier for parts and service. The shipment was on time and directly to my door. Could not be happier with the ease and competent service from Canaweld so far. Great job guys. Look forward to doing more business with you in the very near future.

  8. Robert Berthiaume (verified owner)

    The Canaweld TIG AC/DC is excellent. Very good control of heat and with the extra optional pedal can make it a lot more comfy welding sitting down. Thanks guys, awesome product.

  9. Mike @ Viscor

    Using this unit for industrial production thin gauge Tig welding and it does everything our top dollar machines do.
    Great find and great support ,they brought us a unit to test for a week and our vetrain welders love it.
    Already in service 2 years with 2 shifts, 5 days a week we could not be happier with it.


    The kit is really nice, the torch is very sturdy, Machine is light and very well made. The shipping was really fast, came in a box with some padding to not damage the machine and components. I am very pleased , the price was good and the machine fits my personal need. One of the point that made me go with Canaweld is because its a Canadian company and it is MADE IN CANADA.
    This is my first Tig and I like like it, I just need some skills now… haha

  11. Chase Miller

    Extremely happy to have received such a quality, Canadian made, welder.
    Can’t wait to put some hours on this beast!
    The quality of the accessories is also exceptional.

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