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The TIG AC/DC 401 Pulse is a powerful and intelligent welding machine. This unit is capable of either AC or DC TIG welding (stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum) or Stick welding. The TIG AC/DC 401 Pulse has advanced TIG welding parameters that allows user to fine-tune the TIG welding process to meet a variety of applications. This combination, with its high duty cycle and easy to use interface, make it the perfect choice for production TIG welders who demand the best all day, every day.

Available models :

TIG AC/DC 401 Pulse, 575V, Water Cooled, Full pakage
TIG AC/DC 401 Pulse, 575V, Water Cooled, Full pakage

Part Number : CWP004033W-575V
MSRP : $14,989.00 CAD

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  • Digital adjustment of all the welding parameters.
  • Digital ammeter and voltmeter with welding current presetting and hold Function of the last read value.
  • Digital ammeter with welding current presetting.
  • Full monitoring of the welding parameters.
  • Welding process selector: TIG AC- TIG DC- TIG DC ‘Lift” – MMA.
  • Welding mode selector: 2 Stroke – 4 Stroke – Cycle – Spot Timer.
  • Personalized welding programs can be memorized.
  • Pulse TIG welding adjustable from 0.5 up to 200 Hz with available “EASY PULSE” feature.
  • AC square wave balance and Balance Plus.
  • AC square wave frequency adjustment.
  • Tungsten rod diameter presetting for a better control of the arc striking and arc dynamics.
  • Wave selector: Square – Mixed – Sinusoidal – Triangular.
  • Optional software customization as an extra feature.
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty.

TIG AC/DC 401 Pulse Technical Specification
Three phase input 50/60 Hz(V) (575V)±10%(460-480V as option)
Input power 50/60 Hz(KVA) 15.3 KVA
Power factor / cos 0.97 / 0.99
Effciency Degree 0.76
Current range 5-400 A
Welding Current @ 100% Duty Cycle in 104° F(40° C) 250 A
Welding Current @ 60% Duty Cycle in 104° F(40° C) 320 A
Welding Current @ 35% Duty Cycle in 104° F(40° C) 400 A
Facility of software customization Yes
Power Source Weight : lb(Kg) 108 lb(49 Kg)
Power Source Dimensions Including Handle(D , W , H): inch(mm) 26 x 11.8 x 20.7 inch(660 x 300 x 525 mm)


Area of Use

  • Aerospace
  • Aluminum Industries
  • Automotive Parts and Bodies
  • Passenger Car Industries
  • Manufacturing Automotive Parts and Bodies
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
  • Metal Building
  • Medical Industries
  • Railcar
  • Boat/Yacht
  • Shipbuilding
  • Light Fabrication
  • Food Industries and High Purity Processing
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Installation
  • Restoring
  • Maintenance and repair-field operation
  • Civil Construction
  • Training school

Weldable Metals

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Moly
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Virtually any metal


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