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TIG Torch Air Cooled (T3 Series)

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Available models :

Premium TIG Torch T3FX, Air cooled, 240 AMP, 12.5 ft, 9 Pin
Premium TIG Torch T3FX, Air cooled, 240 AMP, 12.5 ft, 9 Pin

Part Number : CWT3FX-S1-4M-SL-QGS4-MCB4-ATP18
MSRP : $355.00 CAD

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Air-Cooled High-Performance

TIG Welding Torch provides the ultimate solution for hard-to-reach applications. The body can be bent to virtually any position, allowing quick and easy access to the most difficult positional welds.

Gas Stream Cooling

Force Cooling Technology A highly effective series of passages and wells force cools the collet. The cooler running collet assembly maximizes conductivity and extends consumable life.

Heat Zone Isolation Technology

Transferred heat from the ceramic cup is isolated by a unique external barrier. Conducted heat is isolated using large air pockets within the torch body structure resulting in cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios.

Wear Parts

Every component delivers superior performance for increased Arc time and lower overall production costs

  • Push-on / easy grip ceramics
  • One piece collet/collet body – no twisting
  • Heat Zone Isolator ensures 100% ceramic and electrode alignment
  • Optional large gas lens for increased gas envelope
  • Torch Bodies and Back Caps

    Step change performance levels achieved with the development of revolutionary cooling and heat zone isolation techniques

  • Cooler running torch bodies at elevated power levels
  • Cooler running components increase wear parts life expectancy
  • Advanced material selection and component design enhances flex neck life expectancy
  • Superior grade phenolics for maximum thermal resistance and improved durability of back caps
  • Key Benefits

  • Utilizes air gap technology for cooler running handles
  • Hard and soft material elements for an effortless grip
  • Infinite adjustment of welding parameters from the torch handle
  • Optional integrated handle readout displays all welding and machine parameters in “real time”
  • Cable Systems

    Clever material selection combines flexibility, durability, and performance.

    Key Benefits

  • Rapid fit and modular rear end systems ensure point of use reconfiguration of power input gas hose and control lead terminations
  • Superior grade rubbers ensure cable termination integrity and hose package longevity – (Lab tested to over 1 million flexes)
  • Front end leather cover and knuckle joint combine for a really supple cable at the welder’s wrist.
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