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TIG Tungsten Grinder

  • [HIGH QUALITY TOOL]: CANAWELD Premium Quality TIG Welding Tungsten Grinder is Carefully Designed to Grind Welding Electrodes with a Precision Ground Finish for Crisp, Snappy Arc Starts, Better Arc Control, Clean Arc Transfer, Longer Electrode Run Time & Less Tungsten Waste Makes it an Investment to Money and Time.
  • [DIFFERENT SIZE COLLETS]: CANAWELD Tungsten Sharpener comes with 6 Different Size Collets including 1.6, 2, 2.4, 3.2, 4 and 5 mm.
  • [SAFETY]: CANAWELD Tungsten Grinder is Designed to Ensure Safety of your Fingers, Lunges and Eyes. This Grinder Machine Comes with Cover Plate to Make this Happened. Read User Manual for more Information.
  • [SPECIFICATIONS]: The Power Supply 220 V/60 W with 5000 r/min Rotational Speed with Adjustable Angle from 0-60 Degree.
  • [SIZE AND WEIGHT]: 230x160x180 mm and 4 kg weight.
  • Size: 230x160x180 mm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • The diameter of Grind Segment: 90 mm
  • Rotational Speed: 5000 r/min
  • The Diameter of Grinding Tungsten Needle: 1.6-5.0 mm
  • Minimum Length: 40 mm
  • Adjustable Range of Grinding Angle: 0-60 degree
  • The Power Supply: 220 v
  • Power: 60 W
Part Number: CWMJJ-STD-01
MSRP : $590.00 CAD



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