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Synergic MIG Welding & Its Advantages

Synergic MIG Welding & Its AdvantagesEver wondered about synergic MIG welding and how it works/how it is utilized? Maybe you’re curious about its benefits on certain welding projects? Here at Canaweld, we would like to answer them in detail to help you better understand this process.

What Is It?

When a welder is referred to as synergic it means that when a single setting is adjusted (voltage, or material thickness, most commonly) the other settings (current, or wire speed) also change. On a pulse capable welder, there are a multitude of pre-configured settings being changed by the computer inside the welder to provide the best possible weld.

What Are Its Benefits?

The three main characteristics that define synergic operation include:

  • parameters being selected automatically
  • A parameters electronic controls guarantee a clean, consistent penetration & bead profile
  • its suitable for beginner welder

Synergic welding allows the user to pre-choose wire material/diameter for any type of welding operation, and then adjust the wire feed rate accordingly through just one knob. In simplest terms, synergic welding offers all the benefits of MIG/MAG welding with an additional advantage of an extremely welder-friendly control base.

How Our Team Can Help

If this process has interested you and you would like to implement it into your next project, you want to be certain you’re choosing the right MIG welder for the job. Here at Canaweld, we offer high quality welding machines, tools and safety gear all for a great price! To learn more about how our highly experienced team can help with your welding needs, be sure to call us at (416) 548-5650 today! We look forward to hearing from you.