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Canaweld Welding Cobot


Canaweld offers advanced collaborative robots (Cobots) specifically designed for welding tasks. These Cobots excel in their ability to handle up to 17.3 lb. (8 kg) payloads and can accommodate a wide variety of welding guns and positions, making them highly adaptable to any welding setup and meeting diverse industrial requirements.

At the core of Canaweld’s Cobots is a high-performance, 6-axis design optimized for precise and flexible welding operations. With exceptional ±0.0012 in. (±0.03 mm) repeatability, they achieve accuracy even in challenging positions, ensuring consistent welding quality.

This combination of payload capacity and maneuverability enables Canaweld Cobots to effectively address the evolving needs of the welding industry, significantly improving operational efficiency, minimizing downtime, and delivering top-notch welding outcomes in both small and large-scale operations.

These capabilities solidify Canaweld Cobots as essential tools in modern manufacturing, enhancing productivity and quality across various welding applications.


High-Quality Components :

Each Joint with a Motion Range up to ±360°:

Dual-Joint Modules :

EtherCAT Bus Communication :

EtherCAT Bus Communication :


Automatic Rebound and Halt:

The innovative braking method automatically rebounds and halts the Cobot upon encountering resistance, with output force and power controlled within safety limits to ensure personnel protection.

Instant Locking Mechanism:

Features an innovative braking mechanism that instantly locks the Cobot during unexpected power outages or emergency stops, enhancing operational safety.

Enhanced Stability and Safety:

Prevents sliding, dropping, or shifting of the Cobot under any circumstances, maintaining stability and safety throughout its operation.

Higher Protection, More Applications :

With IP54 protection, Canaweld Welding Cobots can be adapted to different production environments, thereby expanding their range of applications.

Canaweld Cobots Ensure:

More Open Platform :

Force Control Integration:

High Sensitivity, Much Safer:

Canaweld Welding Cobots utilize a 1000Hz real-time control refresh frequency, enabling industry-leading trajectory precision control, stable and reliable performance, faster response times, and safer human-machine collaboration

Joint Motions:

Our 6-axis welding Cobot excels in any industrial setting, engineered for durability under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, dust, and moisture. With six degrees of freedom, it offers unmatched precision and adaptability for various welding tasks across multiple industries, ensuring high productivity, safety, and quality standards.

Industries Served:

Technical Specification
Model A1-1308
Payload 17.6 lb. (8kg)
Reach 51 in. (1300mm)
Joint Range ±360°
Joint Speed J1-J2 100°/S
J3-J4 150°/S
J5-J6 180°/S
Tool Speed 78.7 in./s (2m/s)
Repeatability ±0.0012 in. (±0.03mm)
Degree of freedom 6
End I/O port Digital input: 3, digital output: 3, analog input:2
Communication Ethernet/IP (Optional TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet with external conversion)
Programming Graphical programming, remote calling interface
IP Classification Ip54
Collaborative Operation 10 advanced security configuration functions
Main Material Aluminium alloy
Working Temperature 32-122°F (0-50°C)
Power input 200-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Control Cable Cable to control box: 16 ft.(5m), cable to teach pendant: 16 ft.(5m)
Communication frequency 1kHz
I/O Source 24V 2A
Control Box Dimension 21.1×17.5×12.6 in. (536x445x319mm)
Weight lb 99.2 (45 kg)
Force control parameters
Force control, tool flange Force x-y-z, Torque x-y-z
Range 45 pound-force, 7.4 ft.-lb. (200N,10Nm)
Precision 0.45 pound-force, 0.073 ft.-lb. (2N, 0.1Nm)
Accuracy 0.9 pound-force, 0.147 ft.-lb. (4N, 0.2Nm)
IP Classification Ip54
Control Box
Power Output 48V DC
Working Temperature 0-50°C
Working Humidity 90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
IP Classification IP 20
Communication Frequency 1000Hz
Dimensions 21.1×17.5×12.6 in. (536x445x319 mm)
Stand Height 6.9 in. (176mm)
Weight 40.8 lb. (18.5kg)
Teach Pendant
Display 10.4″
Resolution 1024 x 800
E-stop Button 1
IP Classification IP 54
Dimensions 12.8 x 9.0 x 2.7 in. (327x 230x 67 mm)
Weight (Include Cable) 6 lb. (2.7kg)