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Welding & The Duty Cycle

welding and the duty cycleTo many people who are either new in the welding field or unfamiliar about welding altogether, the term “duty cycle” may be confusing and most will likely not understand what it means. It is crucial you know about what the duty cycle is, however, because it is a very important concept to use when you want to be seen as a professional welder. Here at Canaweld, we want to explain exactly what the duty cycle is and how it works.

What is The Duty Cycle?

The duty cycle is important to use on a welding machine. It is essentially a process that calculates the exact amount of time that needs to be spent on a certain welding device. In simplest terms, it is how long you can run the welding machine over a given time slot & the measurement of the welder’s overall performance within a 10 minute timeframe. 

How is This Cycle Calculated?

The time is made into a percentage on the specs plate of a welding machine, and the duty cycle is that measurement of time. On average, a 10 minute period at 40 degrees celsius is considered the standard. If there’s another duty cycle on the specifications plate, chances are it refers to what amperage a person can weld at for 100 percent of the time. This is a protection-type measurement, so you can be certain to weld safely. 

What Else Does the Duty Cycle Tell Me?

The duty cycle will also indicate the time that needs to be left for the machine to properly cool down. Temperature sensors will shut the machine off at the duty cycle so as to not overheat the machine and make it dangerous. In general, the lower your amperage, the longer the duty cycle. When you are in desperate need to complete as many welding projects as possible, you will need the highest duty cycle possible. 

Which Duty Cycle Will Work Best For Me?

The duty cycle you decide to choose will entirely depend on what you use your welding machine(s) for. If you work more commonly on smaller projects and DIY’s, then chances are a machine with a shorter duty cycle is best suited for you. For more tasking jobs that require steelwork with large & long beams, a higher duty cycle machine is needed. The weather can also greatly affect the functionality and time your machine will work for. In the winter season where the days are colder, your machine will work for longer on average. During summer, the opposite is true, as the warm air makes the machine need more time to cool down. 

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