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Women & Welding

Women & WeldingIn recent years, women have been working hard and dominating many areas of the workforce. Unfortunately in the trade sector however, involvement is still extremely low. There are a lot of reasons as to why women aren’t commonly seen in these fields of work, with a good amount of it being due to baseless stereotypes and misconceptions about their level of skill and strength. In certain situations, women can be unfairly mistreated in the workplace which would disencourage any motivated worker.

Even with this information, there is a very apparent transformation going on in terms of the traditional mentalities people hold about women in trade. People’s views are changing, and with the right training and point of view women will no doubt have just as much if not more opportunity when it comes to working in this field, which is super exciting! Here at Canaweld, we would like to talk about the topic of women in welding and how it’s being looked at in today’s world.

There Is More to Welding Than Physical Strength

When people think of welding and how the job operates, many are under the assumption that the physical requirements are of utmost importance. It is no secret that there is some truth to this statement: physical strength is a part of welding and many other trade-based jobs. The part that it gets wrong is that women cannot perform these tasks based on their biological and predisposed factors. Not only are certain women capable for these parts of the job, but other factors of welding require an extremely high amount of intelligence and problem solving. Contrary to popular belief, welding is more than just power and strength — it’s about organization, time management, meticulous planning and much, much more.

Times Are Changing, and So Are People

In the past, hundreds upon thousands of women have experienced harassment and discrimintation in the workplace — especially in male dominated spaces. Statements ranging from “why are you working here” to “this job isn’t suited for women” have been heard time and time again in these spaces due to outdated social norms. Even though things have been slowly changing and becoming more inclusive, there is still a lot of work to be done. It is important to provide men with education about diversity in the workplace, as many are unaware of the benefits that inclusivity provides to a business. The right employers will understand that there is a need for both men and women in the welding field, and that creating training programs that encourage sharing experiences with one another helps create a balanced and positive work environment overall.

How Canaweld Can Help

If you are looking for the proper welding machines and equipment for your next project, we here at Canaweld can be of service. For years, our team has worked extremely hard to provide our customers with the best welding products in the field. Whether you work in the automotive field, construction or oil & gas, we have something for everyone. To find out more about our welding supply store be sure to call our team at (416) 548-5650 today!