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The Multiprocess 301-SL is an industrial, heavy duty, powerful, Synergetic, intelligent, and portable welding machine equipped with an LCD Panel. This unit is an inverter-based arc welding power source optimized for MIG, Flux-Cored, Gasless Wires, TIG lift, and Stick welding in manual or synergic mode. This welding machine offers excellent welding performance and various professional functions. It is portable and easy to transport. The advanced static characteristic and waveform controls make it the best professional choice for all industrial workshops. A 5-inch color display, as well as various automatic controls, make the setup and operation quick and easy. The Multiprocess 301-SL is capable of welding with CanaweldÔÇÖs spool guns which ensures trouble-free Aluminum MIG welding. The MIG synergic control makes this unit user-friendly for welders looking to perform high quality welds. Equipped with an LCD, it guides the user step by step to automatically adjust the parameters based on the required usage. ItÔÇÖs like having your own personal welding expert right there with you! It is the perfect choice for anyone; from a novice to the professional production welder who has speed and quality in mind.

Available models :

Including MIG Gun

Part Number : PLC7580161
MSRP : $4,885.00 CAD

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Including MIG Gun, TIG Torch, TIG Accessories and TIG Tungsten

Part Number : PLC7580162
MSRP : $5,085.00 CAD

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Including MIG Gun, Spool Gun and Spool Gun Accessories

Part Number : PLC7580167
MSRP : $5,485.00 CAD

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In "Silver" Package you will get:

Upgrade "Silver" to "Gold" and get additional :

Upgrade "Silver" to "Aluminum" and get additional :

  • A 5-inch LCD allows both experienced, and novice users to operate the device quickly and easily, ensures correct setting and parameter selection, reduces parameter setting time, and increases actual welding time
  • Synergic control provides pre-set weld parameters, improves usability, and enables operators of all skill levels to perform their tasks correctly
  • Possibility of welding processes MIG, Flux Cored, Gasless Wires, TIG lift, Stick Welding
  • Tested in (104┬░F/40┬░C), designed for toughest conditions
  • Digital control of the welding parameters based on the material or gas type and the wire diameter
  • Manual polarity changeover feature for most common gas and gasless wires, Stick electrodes and Lift TIG process.
  • Professional and heavy-duty wire feeding mechanism with 37mm rolls
  • Sealed (Dust proof), powerful, heavy-duty, and durable wire feeder motor
  • Replaceable Double groove rolls, no tools needed
  • Spool Gun Compatible
  • Adjustable Voltage, Wire Speed, Wave Form, Burn back (in MIG process)
  • Possibility of Selection of the Material, Wire Diameter, Gas, 2T/4T (in MIG process)
  • Adjustable Amperage, Final Slope, Post Flow, (In TIG process)
  • Adjustable Amperage, Arc Force and Material Thickness Selection (In Stick welding process)
  • Working possibility with Both 8 and 12-inch (203 and 305 mm) Wire Spool Size
  • Equipped with flip doors and specific mechanism to assist the movement and ability to hold the doors in place at an angle for ease of access.
  • Metal face panel
  • Auto-switching fan
  • Generator compatible.
  • Equipped with Lockable Swivel Casters
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty
  • The machine is equipped with two built in eyebolts for lifting.

Process Unit MIG/Flux cored TIG (Lift Arc) Stick Electrode
Input Voltage, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz V 208 to 240 (┬▒10%)
Primary Current@Max Welding Current A 63 48 54
Maximum Primary Effective Current (I1 eff max) A 35.7 29 41
Technology of Adjustment (Manual/Synergic) Manual and Synergic
Welding Current Range A 30 – 300 5 – 300 5 – 250
Duty Cycle @ Maximum Welding Current in 104┬░F (40┬░C) 30% 30% 40%
Welding Current @ 60% Duty Cycle in 104┬░F (40┬░C) A 250 250 250
Welding Current @ 100% Duty Cycle in 104┬░F (40┬░C) A 200 200 180
Open Circuit Voltage V 76.5
Stick Parameters
Stick Mode DC
Arc Force 0 – 10
Hot Start 0 – 10
TIG Parameters
TIG Ignition Type Lift
TIG Process Modes 2T/4T
Pre-flow Sec. 0.0 – 5.0
Final Slope Sec. 0.0 – 10
Post flow Sec. 0.0 – 25.0
MIG Parameters
Voltage Range V 10.0 – 30.0
MIG Process Modes 2T/4T
Pre-flow Sec. 0.0 – 2.0
Post flow Sec. 0.0 – 10
Burn back 0 – 10
Soft Start 0 – 10
Gas Types Mixed, CO2, Argon
Wire Feeder speed ipm (m/min) 59 – 708 (1.5-18)
Wire Feeder Mechanism / Material Four Rolls / Metal
Solid Wire Size Range in. (mm) 0.030 – 0.045 (0.8 – 1.2)
Stainless steel Wire Size Range in. (mm) 0.035 – 0.045 (0.9 – 1.2)
Flux-cored Wire Size Range in. (mm) 0.035 – 0.045 (0.9 – 1.2)
Aluminum Wire Size Range in. (mm) 0.040 – 0.045 (1.0 – 1.2)
CuSi Wire Size Range in. (mm) 0.040 (1.0)
Wire Spool Size in. 8 or 12
(mm) (203 or 305)
Weight lb. (Kg) 136 lb. (61.5 Kg)
Dimensions Including Handle (D, W, H) : inch (mm) in. (mm) 36.6 x 22.8 x 30.7 inch (930 x 580 x 780 mm)


Area of Use

  • Aerospace
  • Aluminum Industries
  • Automotive Parts and Bodies
  • Passenger Car Industries
  • Training school
  • Metal Building
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Industries
  • Railcar
  • Boat/Yacht
  • Shipbuilding
  • Light Fabrication
  • Food Industries and High Purity Processing
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Installation
  • Restoring
  • Maintenance and repair-field operation
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Civil Construction
  • Infrastructure & roofing
  • Work/Service Trucks
  • Farm and Ranch

Weldable Metals

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium (with Spool Gun)
  • Chrome Moly
  • Titanium
  • Copper

4 reviews for MULTIPROCESS 301-SL

  1. welder_morrison

    The quality is good. We use the machine everyday in our shop and so far no issue. IÔÇÖm happy with this machine and would buy more welders from them.

  2. Tony

    Easy to switch between different processes. Good size welder

  3. Niaomi

    Impressive machine. With all features that the machine has and being made in Canada it has a very reasonable price. Good job Canaweld.

  4. Greg

    I purchased Canaweld machine few weeks ago. Mig is perfect and the machine is great in total for different welding jobs.

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