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Welding Cart (Single and Double Gas Bottle Variations)

There are several welding carts available today in the market, but each has flaws or drawbacks. The Canaweld design team has created a new welding cart with several benefits.

TR4-D Series is a new welding cart platform that supports four distinct product kinds.

  • TR4-D1-1 Single Gas Bottle (With/without cabinet)
  • TR4-D1-2 Double Gas Bottle (With/without cabinet)
  • Load capacity: 450 lbs. (204 kg).

Available models :

Welding Cart (Single Gas Bottle)
Welding Cart (Single Gas Bottle)

Part Number : TR4-D1-1
MSRP : $488.00 CAD

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Welding Cart (Double Gas Bottle)
Welding Cart (Double Gas Bottle)

Part Number : TR4-D1-2
MSRP : $588.00 CAD

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  • Compatible with the majority of welding machines including MIG/TIG/Stick/ Plasma/Cooling Unit, etc.
  • Option to switch between single and double gas bottle configurations, with the ability to add or remove the necessary gas bottle bracket.
  • Compatible with two gas bottles (TR4-D1-2)
  • Compatible with one gas bottle (TR4-D1-1)
  • Possibility to instal a cabinet in the lower part of the welding cart to store all sorts of welding helmets, personal goods, and so on.
  • Lightweight, strong, and easy to transport.
  • Excellent balance during movement, even on a slanted surface.
  • The possibility to adjust the middle horizontal panel according to the height of different machines.
  • Very fast and accurate assembly, as a result of CNC machine precision manufacturing.
  • Using a fixed nut system eliminates the need to separate nuts, making installation quick, straightforward, and hassle-free.
  • Equipped with belt and security lock to keep the machine secure.
  • Equipped with belts, locks, and chains to keep the capsules secure.
  • Equipped with swivel casters and brakes in the front, and 10-inch wheels at the back.
  • Using galvanized parts for longer-lasting protection against scratches.
  • Storage space for TIG ROD (in TR4-D1-2 Double-Gas-Bottle model)
  • Equipped with TIG Torch, MIG GUN and cable holder.
  • Equipped with brackets for hanging welding cables.
  • Equipped with brackets for hanging power cord(s).
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